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Your goal is to lead your gladiator onto the path of glory !

To do so, you shall defeat the other gladiators with as much style as possible. The best way to do that is by dodging their blades at the very last moment, giving your public a thrill! Indeed, this will entice your fellow spectators to throw away money at you… That you can then use to improve you skills in between combats.

No retirement for the braves! Your thrive when bathed in the blood of these filthy opponents calling themselves gladiators. Pigs! That’s all they are!

Your life is your only currency in this world, where your spectators have literally the power to end your life or postpone your death. Keep them entertained!


  • Character Movement : WASD/Arrows (Keyboard) - Left stick (Gamepad)
  • Attack : Ctrl/Left Mouse Button (Keyboard) - X (Gamepad)
  • Dash : Space/Right Mouse Button (Keyboard) - A  (Gamepad)


  • Your attacks and you dash skill consume stamina (yellow bar; refills over time).
  • You lose life when hit by enemies. You have no life regen, because only the weak needs that.
  • After each round you can improve your skills according to the money you received from the spectators.

Changelog POSTJAM [2019-05-11.13-45]

  • Add health bar in upgrade screen
  • Fix increase stamina cost and price in upgrade screen
  • Fix increase max health cost and price in upgrade screen
  • Disable buttons when not available in upgrade screen
  • Add not enough stamina sound
  • Decrease stamina upgrade cost by 60
  • Reduce player speed
  • Reduce dash stamina cost
  • Improve opponent hit zone
  • Add player dash sound


2019-04-30.04-00-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-Windows.zip 32 MB
2019-04-30.04-00-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-OSX.zip 35 MB
2019-04-30.04-00-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-Linux.zip 66 MB
[POSTJAM]2019-05-11.13-45-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-Linux.zip 28 MB
[POSTJAM]2019-05-11.13-45-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-OSX.zip 43 MB
[POSTJAM]2019-05-11.13-45-LudamDare44-Gladiator Souls-Windows.zip 27 MB

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